Our founder, Josef Roberts, is driven by the reality that running an organization in isolation is dreadful.  "The daily life of raising a family, finding time to do the things I enjoy, and still give 100% to E Squared is hard to handle.  It is amazing that no matter how busy I stay in life or in work, there is still this odd thing about being in small business or being an entrepreneur, it is very lonely at times."

The burden of responsibility, the pressure to perform, wondering if you are doing things right and fearing that danger is around the corner will consume you.  The reality is that we don’t solve the problem of small business or entrepreneurial loneliness by fixing problems.  Loneliness is solved in building relationships.  We need partners, not necessarily financial or business partners, but partners to lookout for our needs, find common interests, provide candid feedback, and hold each other accountable.  This partnership looks like a side by side relationship and not a fix all silver bullet.

Enter E Squared and why our organization was formed.  Highlights in the life and career of our cooperative partners have been marked by people we have partnered with.  This company was formed to build partnerships.  In a business sense, we are labeled a consulting firm.  However, we characterize ourselves as a partnership building firm that provides unique ongoing opportunities for businesses and organizations to navigate the crossroads involved in decision making.  These opportunities are built around several programs: Strategic Planning, Financial Advisors, and Industry Peer Groups.

Josef's personal background is in finance, strategic planning, and mergers & acquisitions.  He spent the better part of 15 years as a financial and strategic planning leader for organizations in service, distribution, and manufacturing before forming E Squared.  He is highly relational and thrives as a facilitator of change.  Short story is he is a finance guy that is equally comfortable with people and financial numbers.  It is this type of profile that we have used to build our team of trusted advisors.  Our firm is designed to be partnership oriented with key subject matter experts.  Our mission is to partner with you in solving real business challenges with expert advice.

We’d love to connect and share more.  But for now look around, learn about us, and let’s partner up.


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